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Melbourne, VIC
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Website Search Optimisation for Normal People - Melbourne

Of the people who have viewed this page 70% of them will have first used a search engine such as Google... was that how you found us?

Search engine optimisation is an essential part of good online marketing: the precious content sitting on your website, blog and social media platforms only exists if the people within your target audiences can find it. Outsourcing online search responsibilities to a SEO consultant or agency is for the birds. You CAN do it yourself, and you WILL do a better job of it than anybody else could (and If you are currently on a SEO monthly 'maintenance' plan I will present a strong case for you to terminate it with urgency).

This is a half-day strip-away-the-mystery of search session run by search engine optimisation expert Tim Martin. There will be no insights on how to game the system, no tricks or short-cuts. Practical insights and sound techniques will be provided to lift the visibility of your proprietary online content - and bring qualified traffic to your website, ongoing and for free.

The presentation format is non-technical, positioned for marketers and business owners (normal people). Live online demonstrations and case studies will be used. A Certificate of Training is provided.

Online booking options include payment by Visa or Mastercard, or via invoice. Group discounts are available: 20% for 2 people, and 30% for 3 or more people (automatically applied at checkout). If you are wanting to book more than one NET:101 course a 30% discount applies to each booking - please contact us directly to arrange this. Different discounts cannot be combined.

If you have further questions, view the workshop introduction video above, read our FAQ's or call us on 1300 946 101.

Who it's for

Anyone seeking an optimised online presence for themselves, their website or blog, and don't see any reason to pay another less qualified person to do it for them. No technical skills required. It is assumed you have direct editing access to your website pages via a content management system (CMS), and direct access to your Google Analytics account.

Who it's not for

Anyone looking for SEO short-cuts or insights on how to game the search engine algorithms.

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Putting Yourself in Their Shoes
Use buyer personas to search align your online content with the informational needs of your target audiences as they conduct their pre-purchase or pre-decision research.

Dive into the ‘Long-Tail’ of Search (Micro-Segmentation)
Think small when it comes to online visibility. Chunking down your website content into smaller concept parts increases the visibility of each part, and helps lift the conversion rate of visitors to your website. On the web, smaller = bigger.

Use free access keyword tools for insights to the phrases real people in Australia are using in their Google searches on a monthly basis - these are people who are looking for your products or services, and for solutions to problems you can help them solve.

Fine-Tune Your Web Page Signals
Realign your page headings, metatitles and meta descriptions based on an understanding of how people will logically be searching for information online.

Are Your Search Results Looking Sharp?
Control how Google displays page results from your website - customise the text within the blue hyperlink title heading, and the two lines of descriptive text below it. Increase the likelihood of people clicking on your search results and not those of others. 

Mark Me Up!
Google wants to understand more about the content on your web pages than just sorting through your keyword text, e.g. are you making reference to products, services, events, locations, times or costs? Learn how to mark-up key aspects of your content enabling Google to serve contextually rich and enhanced results from your website (okay, this is a tiny bit technical but you'll only need minor assistance to implement this on your own webpages). Semantic mark-ups are the next level of search visibility.

Lift the Visibility of your Business to Locals  
Optimise all of your business locations for local search, because locals search for local products and services all the time.

Optimising Images
Yes, optimise everything you can – even your images.

Social Media Too
Search optimise your blog posts, YouTube videos and LinkedIn personal profile.

Hey Look, it’s You!
Get your profile image appearing next to the search results from your website – and any of your other published content from around the web (this is called Google Authorship).

Is it all Working?
An overview of which Google Analytics reports to look at to work out if you're SEO efforts are delivering results. Don’t rely on others to send through canned SEO reports on your behalf.


Image source: gademocrats

Workshop Facilitator

Tim Martin
Tim Martin
net101 Founder & Principal Trainer


Tim Martin, net101 founder and principal trainer is a social media specialist and educator.


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